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Travel Agents

ANTOR Denmark is a platform for its members to exchange, educate and inspire on common challenges and future prospects in tourism development and be the leading lobby of their successes for the Danish travel trade and media. 

Our members are official national and regional tourist offices, as well as official tourism representatives from Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


Joining ANTOR Denmark is the first step on the way, and we have a package of great benefits to offer.

Members will have access to a network of 15 members, where we actively share our knowledge from the travel industry, organize internal workshops for PR, Social Media etc. and external industry events to relevant topics as well as share market intelligence and statistics.


Let’s get connected!

Get in touch with us today and hear more about your benefits with ANTOR Denmark. For membership enquiries contact ANTOR Denmark chairman, Bo Schou Lauridsen

Members also receive the following benefits

  • ​A one-stop-shop for business contacts and industry networking

  • Regional calendar of internal & external events

  • Access to member database

  • Editorial exposure in newsletters by news and press releases

  • Participate in workshops and seminars

  • Participate in industry events and member meetings free of charge

  • Private Facebook group to connect and exchange ideas easily


Member fee 

3000 DKK

   *plus applicable VAT

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